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18 Queen St
Second Floor Fitness Centre
Charlottetown, PE C1A 4A1
Phone: 902-566-9200

Welcome to P.E.I. Sports & Therapeutic Massage in Charlottetown

Do you have pain resulting from your association with sports or from sitting in front of the computer at work? Then contact P.E.I. Sports & Therapeutic Massage, serving Charlottetown, PEI and the surrounding areas

Whether you’re a professional or semi-professional athlete, a fitness enthusiast or a non-athlete experiencing muscular stress for any reason, we can help with a drug-free muscle relaxation solution!

Knowledgeable Treatment from a Former Athlete
Our owner is a registered massage therapist with over 25 years of experience in sports massage, mostly dealing with the back and neck. She is also a former National Team field lacrosse player who dealt with sports injuries who decided to help others with their pain.

Patients in All Physical Conditions Welcome
Locally owned and operated, our services provide a wide range of pain and stress relief for:

  • Athletes
  • Office workers
  • Tourists with pre-existing conditions

Office Workers Can Experience Soft Tissue Injuries Too
Many of our clients are people whose jobs require them to sit in front of computers for hours at a time, dealing with back and neck stress.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs
If any part of your body is extraordinarily sore or irritated for an extended period of time, contact us to schedule an appointment. Best of all, our treatments are covered by most health plans.
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relaxation and more.
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